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Running Club

What is Running Club:

Spreckels Elementary Running Club is an opportunity for kids to start their day with a bit of exercise through running joined by their classmates, friends and family.  Running Club is a PTA sponsored and run program that inspires students and their families to lead active and healthy lives by introducing them to fun and fitness through running. Students will be issued a QR code that will track their laps and miles throughout the year. Top runners are recognized at end of year assemblies. 


What to Bring:

It can get hot to send your kids with extra water and a small snack to rehydrate and refuel before school starts. Students should wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothes. Part of the run happens on the baseball diamond so shoes may get dirty. Backpacks and lunches will be brought in and placed by the fence by the entrance, then collected by students post run. A small towel is also a good idea to cool down and wipe sweat before class begins. 


Who Can Run:

Running Club is for all Spreckels students. Parents are encouraged to join their kids and run with them, but are not required to stay. 



  • We will communicate any changes to the schedule through the website and social media. This includes rainy day cancellations and unforeseen circumstances that may require us to cancel. 

  • We will be on a grass surface that is not always even ground. Please make sure students are aware to be careful while running. Volunteers will also reiterate this to runners and make them aware of any safety reminders that come up. 

  • Permission slips are required for participation. They can be obtained at Running Club by the volunteers or printed from the website. 

Permission Slips:

A current permission slip is required for each year.  Please complete (1) for each student.  

Running Club Permission Slips

English  /  Español



00.0     Runner A

00.0     Runner B

00.0     Runner C

00.0     Runner D

00.0     Runner E

Runner F




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