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​About Us

What Is the PTA?

At Spreckels, the PTA is a group of parents and caregivers who work together to support the students and teachers. By sharing our ideas, volunteering, or just joining the fun at our family-friendly events, we’re building a vibrant, diverse community of support for our school.  

Why Join Us?

  • Joining the PTA is a great way to support your school.

  • Show your kids that you care about their education and that you are investing in their success.

  • Partner with the principal, teachers, and staff to make the campus a great place to learn.

  • Voice your concerns and create change that affects your child and your community.

  • Build a caring network of other parents with whom to share struggles and celebrate successes as your kids grow and learn together.

  • Support valuable enrichment and programs that the school could not otherwise afford:

    • classroom supply budgets for teachers

    • arts education

    • access to online reading support programs for students, including Raz Kids and Achieve 3000

    • Running Club

    • and much more!


Attend PTA Meetings at Spreckels

  • Connect with other parents and meet the board.

  • Be the first to hear about important news and upcoming events at school.

  • Have a voice in the activities and programs the PTA supports.

  • Learn how the students and teachers of Spreckels benefit from the PTA.

  • Volunteer your time to make a difference in our school community!

2024–2025 Goals

  • Diversify and expand parent and caregiver participation in school and PTA events

  • Facilitate communication between families, teachers, and staff

  • Raise $100 per student enrolled

2024–2025 PTA Executive Board

  • President
Kathleen Amaya

  • Executive Vice President

Karla Orsa

  • Secretary
Erin Schumacher

  • Treasurer
Jerry Beers

  • Financial Officer

Dana Spaccarotella

  • Ways and Means Chair

Andrea Spadoni Townsend

  • Communications Chair
Kaitlin Nadal

  • Programs Chair
Lilla Keresztely


  • Membership Chair

Lindsay King

  • DEI Co-Chairs

Maria Fowlks

Jesse Towne-Cardenas

  • 5th Grade Promotion Chair


Kristen Ojeil

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